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Persistent Headaches most likely TMJ

You can develop TMJ and not even know it thinking it could be a more serious disease or malady. Statistically ,persistent headache and neck issues are most likely to be TMJ problems which can easily be resolved. Did you know that It is estimated over 60% of people that do have head or neck aches which have been firstly cleared by doctors of any organic possible disease, are therefore most likely to be the result of TMJ jaw joint problems.

Dr Richard Benveniste explains that most causes of TMJ are usually unknowingly grinding- clenching of teeth day or nite, physical accidents, clenching while exercising, misalignment of teeth and infected gums and can be easily treated but when ignored can lead to facial distortion and eating problems.  TMJ can also cause dizziness, sleeping problems, light headedness and an overall weakness, in addition to clicking and popping of the jaw joints.

Treating TMJ usually consists of getting a painless bite guard made with adjustments every week or so until the jaw joint returns back into its proper position. This is done under the guidance of a TMJ specialist who properly diagnoses and monitors the progress of the treatment.

If you are

experiencing any of these symptoms please consider checking to see if you have TMJ problems first, since untreated symptoms do not resolve by themselves unless treated early, otherwise they have a tendency to continually worsen until surgical intervention is needed resulting in unpredictable outcome.

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