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Dr. Benveniste offers several treatment options to help

reverse the effects of gum disease.

Laser Therapy

Disfigured gums can be recontoured using advanced laser techniques.  

When indicated, this surgical method can remove diseased tissues with a precision unmatched by conventional techniques.


Scaling & Root Planing Scaling

Scaling is a technique which removes calculus deposits from your teeth.  Root surfaces are then carefully smoothed to allow the gum tissue to reattach to the tooth.



By removing the soft tissue lining the periodontal pocket, the gum tissue is allowed to heal.

Gum Recontouring

When the disease has not affected the jaw bone, Dr. Benveniste can recontour malformed, unattractive gums to a more natural appearance.


Flap Access

By pulling the gum flap back, calculus, plaque and diseased tissue can be removed from the root of the tooth, thereby preserving as much of the gum coverage as possible.


Osseus surgery

Often used in conjunction with Flap Surgery, this procedure restructures the distorted bone surrounding the tooth.


Bone Replacement Surgery

Most gum problems are a result of underlying bone loss.  This procedure actually restores lost bone to prevent tooth loss, removes draining infection, and strengthens the patients chewing ability.

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