Prostate Symptoms Relating to Gum Disease

Researchers at a major university have discovered that if we treat gum disease it can improve the symptoms of prostate inflammation and increase the quality of life for those who have the disease. But, in addition, the study confirmed that gum disease not only affects the mouth, but causes conditions in the entire bodily system, causing inflammation to include not only heart disease, arthritis and fetal death, but also as part of a long list of life threatening diseases. #procedures #cleaning #doctor


Continual scientific investigation and research are showing an increased relationship that gum infection can influence the coarse of multiple diseases. Pneumonia itself is an infection of the lungs caused by bacteria, viruses and fungi also found in the oral cavity whose reservoir of these organisms can be filtering into the lungs itself. Bacterial pneumonia is a common cause of lung disease and most importantly mortality in human populations not only in America, but throughout the world. The oral bacteria are shed from the mouth and gum disease colonies and released to attach to the throat and have a clear path to be aspirated in the tract of breathing and into the lungs themselves. Prevent


In the presence of gum disease, infectious organisms are continually swallowed which affect many distant organs throughout the body, but can also affect and interfere with the normal status of pregnancy and labor, through bacterially induced inflammation by the physical and disruptive forces. In a healthy pregnancy the mother and the fetus exchange nutrients and waste through the umbilical chord which connects the placenta of the mother to the fetus. Such described infection can promote contractions of the uterus and unexpected dilation and delivery which can also disrupt the normal required tightly regulated regional hormonal influences. Bacteria from the mouth have been specifically identi



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